1 year ago

12 September, 2016

Macquarie University Level 3 C10A (Campus Hub)

Organised by:
Law Society (MULS)

This event is free to attend. Please register your attendance at: http://goo.gl/ImK6ZO

Each semester the Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) holds a Social Justice Speaker event which addresses a topical social justice issue, creating a forum for discussion and debate surrounding its relationship with the law.

In Semester 2 2016, we will be exploring the concept of Liberty & the Law: Are we living in a Nanny State? We will consider how much of an impact the law has on our personal freedoms and whether or not that impact is justified both within our domestic and international context. The speakers for this event will be sharing their personal findings and opinions to why laws restricting our freedoms are either a necessity, or alternatively, a threat to our individuality and liberty. Speakers ranging the political sphere and independent sector are sure to create a fascinating, enlightened and heated debate. This is not an event to be missed!

Refreshments will be served from 6pm, followed by a ten minute presentation from each speaker before concluding with a Q&A session between the audience and the entire panel.

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Note: this event will attract experiential credit for participants of the Global Leadership Program under code GL X29.


Liberal MLC: Peter Phelps
Dr Phelps is a Member of the NSW Legislative Council and is in a number of Committees within the LC. He also holds a PhD in History. Dr Phelps is a notable character within the libertarian movement who has previously spoken at the Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference. Dr Phelps’ libertarian political alignment has seen him diverge with his party on matters including (but not limited to) the NSW lock out laws and the current restrictions of the use of marijuana.

Centre for Independent Studies (CIS): Simon Cowan
Simon Cowan is a Research Fellow in the economics program, and Director of the CIS TARGET30 program that aims to reduce government spending to less than 30% of GDP over the next 10 years. He is a leading media commentator on policy and politics, frequently appearing on the Sky network, ABC television and commercial radio. He has also written on government industry policy, defence and regulation and appeared before the Australian Senate discussing the budget and health policy. Simon co-authored the leading CIS research report on pensions and retirement policy, released in 2015, The Age Old Problem of Old Age: Fixing the Pension.

Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association President: Ryan Cole & Migration Project Manager: Miya Pittaya
As President of the Scarlet Alliance, Ryan aims to achieve equality, social, legal, political, cultural and economic justice for past and present workers in the sex industry, in order for sex workers to be self-determining agents, building their own alliances and choosing where and how they work.
Ryan will be accompanied by Miya who manages the migration project, run by and for migrant sex workers with the aim to ensure their voices are represented in all policy decisions efecting them and to combat the widespread misconceptions around agency, trafficking and consent in migrant sex work.

Australian Research Network on Law and Ageing Convener and Macquarie Univerisity Senior Lecturer: Lise Barry
Ms Barry has a background working in mediation and Youth justice Conferencing. As a nationally accredited mediator working with the NSW Attorney General's Department, she mediates disputes ranging from neighborhood and family law disputes through to commercial and workplace disputes. As a foundational co-convenor of the Australian Research Network on Law and Ageing, Ms Barry collaborates with colleagues around Australia contributing to research on legal issues of concern to older Australians.

MQU Campus Engagement, Student Representative, former ALSA President and all round great guy: Alistair Booth