1 year ago

12 October, 2016


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Law Society (MULS)

Hey guys,

Being part of the MULS Executive is a chance to represent and serve Macquarie University law students. It also provides a great chance to build on your professional skills and networks.

If you're interested in being a part of the MULS Executive team in 2017, you must read through the elections guide in detail to understand how the nominations and elections process works. It is also important to read through the relevant sections of the MULS Constitution, in order to understand the responsibilities assigned to your relevant position.

AGM Agenda and Amendment Proposals - https://issuu.com/muls/docs/muls_2016_agm_agenda_and_amendments/1?e=10997053/30000297

Q&A Guide -https://issuu.com/muls/docs/muls_q_a_guide_2016

2016 Candidate Guide - https://issuu.com/muls/docs/muls-candidates-guide-2016

MULS 2016 Elections Guide - https://issuu.com/muls/docs/muls-election-guide-2016

MULS Constitution - https://issuu.com/muls/docs/model-constitution-for-muls-public-

Timeline for elections process

Nominations Open – 28th September– 9.00 am
Nominations Close – 4th October – 5.00 pm
Question Period Opens – 6th October – 9.00 am
Question Period Closes – 8th October – 5.00 pm
Candidates can respond to Questions Opens – 8th October - 8.00pm
Candidates can respond to Questions Closes –11th October – 5.00pm
Questions and Answers Guide Published – 12th October.
Polls Open – 13th October – 12.00 noon
Polls Close – 16th October – 12.00 noon
MULS AGM – 18th October – 1.00 pm

Please send any queries to elections@muls.org

Patrick Barkachi, Acting President and Secretary