2 years ago

22 March, 2016

Central Courtyard, Macquarie University

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The first BBQ of the semester !

Come join us for a round of hot dogs and pad thai !
Pad Thai will be $3 for Non members and
$2 for members
How good is that ?! as if you can find such a deal anywhere else

Hot dogs are $2 for non members and FREE for members !

Soft drinks will also be available for $1

We are working in conjuction with AIESEC@MACQUARIE to promote cultural exchanges to the land of Pad Thai !

If you are interested in living like a local in Thailand while working to give back to the community and making a positive difference, please swing by AIESEC's members for more details ! I really recommend hearing them out as other chances like theirs are hard to come by !!

Take IGs and share your love for our culture guys <3

Let's kick off the semester fun with a good ol' barbie :D