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31 August, 2016

Aiesec Australia 1

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AIESEC is a world youth run organisation striving to develop youth leadership worldwide. With many issues happening in Australia, AIESEC in Macquarie is supporting the UNHCR- The United Nations Refugee Agency in order to make a difference and bring awareness to such underlying issues.

One of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ of the United Nations involves the reduction of inequality.

Refugees often encounter challenges that make it difficult for them to settle into first world countries. These include: finding affordable accommodation, learning English as a second language and finding long-lasting employment.

Here at AIESEC Macquarie, our team endeavours to embody the spirit of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations by helping to fundraise money for refugees and thereby improving the disparity in financial and employment situations between refugees and first world citizens.

We would like to invite you to come along to our BBQ, where all money raised goes to refugees. Don’t forget to join us for some fun activities as well!

Date: Wednesday 31st of August 2016
Venue: Central Couryard
Admission: $5
All profit and donations made on the day will be given to UNHCR

The $5 donation will allow you to have access to food provided at the venue.

There will be several activites happening throughout the event.

Activity #1
Come compete with your fellow Macquarie Students in a strenuous game of Tug-O-War.
This is a 4 v 4 Competition and each team is recommended to have a maximum of 4 members to compete.