1 year ago

13 October, 2016

Trinity Chapel Macquarie

Organised by:
Christian Union

Come along to CU's latest soirée; bring your friends and bring your talent! Whether it's amazing or amazingly weird, we want to see it. All to raise money to help people go to NTE!

Where: Trinity Chapel
Cost: $15 early bird or $20 at the door
Payment Method:
- Cash: give it to Alyssa, Hannah, Hamish, or Kwabena
- Online

Account name: Christian Union
Account number: 84-160-4968
BSB: 082-241
Description: CUGT[name], for example: CUGT FrodoB

Christian Union at Macquarie Uni is putting on a talent night where we'll raise money to help CU'ers attend NTE, the National Training Event for Christian uni students across Australia. See the facebook event now for info on how to sign up:


And keep an eye out for CU's NTE event, launching soon!

If you would like to perform (sing, dance, tell jokes, play an instrument, write poems, or anything else) please let Alyssa know via email at alyssa.rourke17@gmail.com, or in person at a public forum.

Supper will be provided and there will also be a silent auction, so be prepared, bring those funds and invest them wisely - right here! Anonymous bids will be placed for items over the course of the night and the highest bidder for each item will win that prize!

If you would like to donate anything for the silent auction (something you've made, a future service or just something cool) please also contact Alyssa. Some examples might be a pre-drawn artwork, a personal song dedication, or a lovingly crafted/knitted item. Thanks in advance donors!

There will also be a donation box for funds to go straight to NTE (for y'all who don't go in for that high falutin' auctiony stuff).

We'll CU there :)