2 years ago

29 November, 2015

The Emporium Bankstown Bankstown, New South Wales

Organised by:
MUMSA - Macquarie Uni Muslim Students Association

They told me I was oppressed. That I needed to be liberated from the shackles of a backward way of life.

They told me I was incomplete. Somehow deficient and lacking purpose until my Prince Charming came to sweep me off my feet.

They told me my self-worth was measured by my exterior. Blemished skin. Pudgy stomach. Frizzy hair. Crooked smile. Surely this meant I was worthless.

They told me I was weak. That I was voiceless, invisible and helpless. That I was incapable of making a positive difference in this world.

I had been told time and time again that I was oppressed. Incomplete. Worthless. Weak. And I started to believe them.

I settled on my life plan – finish school, go to university, get married, work for a bit, raise a family, grow old and depart from this world.

I stopped daring to dream big dreams.

Until I connected to Al Qawiyy - The Possessor of Strength.

I began to realise that I was capable, strong, powerful and valuable. I began to realise that I had been put on this earth to leave a legacy.

I found the strength to follow the footsteps of the many accomplished, brilliant, ambitious and righteous Muslim women in my Islamic history who have left an awe-inspiring legacy.

I didn’t find the strength inside of me though.

I discovered it through my reliance on Him alone.


The MUMSA Sisterhood is proud to announce our upcoming 4th annual Sisters Dinner, "Under Your Shade”.

This year we seek to explore the key to unlocking our true potential - empowerment through our connection with Allah (SWT). It’s time to plant the seeds that will reap bountiful harvests and allow us to be Under His Shade in the hereafter InshaAllah.

Join us for a fabulous night of special guests, performances, delicious food and loads of fun on the 29th of November!

“The year is like a tree, months are its branches, days are the branch sticks, hours are its leaves, and the breaths are its fruits. Therefore, if one’s breaths are in obedience (to Allah and His Messenger), the fruits of his tree are good. If they are in disobedience, his fruits are bitter. The harvest is on the Appointed Day, when one’s fruits are found out to be either good or bitter.”-Ibn Al-Qayyim


WHEN: Sunday, November 29th @ 5PM

WHERE: The Diamond Ballroom @ The Emporium Function Centre, Bankstown

PRICE: $55 each

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $45 till Sunday, November 15th, 11.53PM (Payment MUST be made within 24 hours of registration for EB price to be valid)

REGISTER NOW at http://bit.ly/UnderYourShade