2 years ago

9 April, 2016

Ivy Pool Cub

Organised by:
Law Society MULS

MULS welcomes you with open arms to our first SOS of the year taking place at Ivy's famous Pool Club, an open-air urban paradise unlike anywhere else in Sydney!

Sip on the Club’s signature cocktails, dip your toes in the pool and dance to the most seductive tunes on April 9 from 4pm at a party exclusively for us until Pacha sets off later in the night.

Private cabanas, reclining chairs, festival gear and good music … If you are looking for a special way to bring back looseness and start your mid sem break, look no further.

✔ Free drink on arrival before 5pm
✔ First TWENTY people to get in the pool will receive 5 x FREE DRINK coupons! (*must be IN the pool for a reasonable amount of time… no cheeky loopholes
✔ Gourmet canapés and Pizza
✔ Free access to Pacha with performances by Party Thieves (USA) & Nemo
*Ticket valid for entry before 6.30pm

A Saturday sesh like no other, join us for an unrivalled poolside experience!!

You are bound by the Macquarie University Student Code of Conduct: http://mq.edu.au/policy/docs/student_conduct/conduct.html.
Remember that this is a University event and we will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour including sexual harassment or the use of illicit substances.