2 years ago

28 April, 2016


Organised by:
Macquarie United Nation Society (MUNS)

All aboard! Ship departing for Lesbos, Greece, this Thursday 28th April!

Come join MQ United Nations Society (MUNS) on campus as we grapple with the transnational crisis of maritime refugees. This is a great event for newbies or seasoned MUN-ers, and will give you a chance to meet our awesome team...and we promise NOT to throw you in the deep end!

To stop or not stop (the boats)…that is the question that even Shakespeare wants to know the answer to! If you’re a ‘stop the boats’ kind of person, or a ‘we are all humans’ kind of person, this is a MiniMUN for you!

Whether you have been to Lesbos, Greece, or not, come and see where the UN’s member nations stand on this issue and what the world can do to respond to this crisis.

Best be prompt, we depart at 5pm :)

When: Thursday, 28th April at 5pm (with post-MiniMUN gathering at UBAR)
Where: Ubar from 5pm. E7B100 from 6pm
Topic: Maritime Refugees (briefing paper to be posted shortly!)
Join us afterwards for drinks and pizza and get to know other members of MUNS!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here and the MUNS team will respond as promptly as possible.