2 years ago

2 December, 2015

Macquarie University

Organised by:
Macq Liberal Club

Hey gang, how's it going?

Macq Liberal Club is organising the next General Meeting, but with an added twist; it's to be a Policy night!

After the admin of a normal General Meeting has concluded, we shall forward onto the policy discussion. The issues to be discussed are:

1. The GST. Should we raise it? Should we broaden it?
2. Terrorism. Should Australia have a more direct role in dealing with this problem, or is it not a prerogative that we should be concerned with?
3. Recreational Drug Usage. What laws should exist to determine how free an individual can be to consume whatever substance they wish?

For any further information, then please contact VPs, Rowan Cravey or Daniel Gibbons on 0409 493 933 and 0417 000 837 respectively.

We hope to see you there for a great discussion!