3 years ago

18 September, 2015

Waterloo Park, Marsfield 2122

Organised by:
Macquarie Musical Society (MacMS)

It's that time of the year that MacMS members get together to drink merrily and have a wonderful breakfast before heading off to conception day.

What's that?
....There is no conception day this year?

Well, that's not going to stop us! This year because there is no time restraint of having an event afterward, we will push the time back to something easier for everyone. Thus the title (Not) Conception Day Breakfast (Brunch)!

In honour of the event Mac Uni will put on instead of Conception Day, the theme of our event will be 'Things that got Terrible Reboots'.

DATE: Friday 18th September
TIME: 10am
LOCATION: Waterloo Park (Waterloo Rd, off Culloden Rd behind Uni)
THEME: Things that got Terrible Re-boots
COST: $5 (all food will be provided)

As we are providing food we need numbers and dietary information. So if you plan on joining us, please fill out the form using the link below so we can cater to any requirements you have.


With such a diverse society we are aware that not everyone will be able to make this event due to work (or other) commitments. However, we hope to see as many of our members there as possible, even if just for a short time. It is set to be a wonderful morning of friends, food and fun!