3 years ago

6 August, 2015


Organised by:
Science Fiction Association (SciFi MQ)

Day: Thursday of Week 2, 6th of August 2015.
Time: 2pm-6pm
Where: Whiteley Room, Campus Hub
RSVP: via Facebook or scifimq@gmail.com

* Free Food!
* Virtual Reality Toys (Gear VR and Oculus Rift)
* Lightsabre Deflection Game (using $300 sabres from ultrasabers.com)
* Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 screening.
* Star Wars lego.
* Firefly, Doctor Who board games.
* Formal General Meeting
* 20 Klyza Credits for attending! (ref: http://bit.ly/1Q5KfyJ)

It's time to kick off Semester 2 with a meetup! We'll welcome all the new members and catch up with all the old ones. It'll be our regular mixed bag of fun, plus a few new toys we've acquired over the holidays. Not least of which, our new, super durable and loud ultrasabre.com lightsabres (we got 2 of them)! Matt will also bring along his new Samsung GearVR to amaze you with the possibilities of functional virtual reality.

And most importantly: FREE FOOD

General Meeting
This is official notice to all members that an official general meeting will be held. The executive group is pushing for a few changes to better structure the club for the future. This is also an opportunity for all members to contribute to the club's further development. Agenda:

* Amending charter to include Vice President position.
* Nomination and election of Vice President.
* Code of conduct.
* Encouraging female participation.
* Call for volunteers to the planning team.
* Future events and initiatives discussion.
* Future budget item proposals.

** General Meeting to begin at 4:30pm **