2 years ago

22 March, 2016

Lindsay Room Level 3 C10A

Organised by:
Macquarie University Politics Society (MUPS)

MUPS is proud to present our first panel for 2016: Islam and the West.

Our panellist includes:

Dr Ashley Lavelle
Ashley is a lecturer in the Department of Modern HIstory, Politics and International Relations. He is the convenor of the unit Islam and the West and author of 'Radical Challenges to the Family: From the Sixties to Same-Sex Marriage' and '
The Politics of Betrayal: Renegades and Ex-Radicals from Mussolini to Christopher Hitchens'.

Stephen Earnshaw
Stephen is currently working as a marker, tutor and researcher for the department of security studies and criminology. Stephen has recent completed a Masters in policing, intelligence and counter terrorism with a Master's in international security studies. Stephens core research and interest encompasses issues of intelligence analytics and international nuclear policy. He is also an executive of the Macquarie University chapter of the Golden Key international Honour Society.

Naveen Rehmani
Naveen is studying a double degree in Law and Social Science majoring in politics and international relations. She is a community activist who is vocal on a number of issues and recently spoke at Macquarie University's International Women's Day. Naveen recently started her own NGO - cries of CAR (currently covering the crisis in the Central African Republic).

Lachlan McGrath
Lachlan is a 4th year Macquarie student studying Psychology and International Relations; his main focus has been Middle Eastern Politics and Counter Terrorism and he plans on further study in these areas. Lachlan has been the President of the Debating Society, Secretary of the United Nations Society, Ex Officio Executive of the Labor Club and is both the Undergraduate Representative for Human Sciences and Treasurer on the Student Representative Committee.

Our moderator:

Conor Keane
Conor has degrees in law and politics, and a doctorate on nation-building in Afghanistan. His research interests include counter terrorism, state building, bureaucratic politics and US foreign policy. He has several forthcoming articles on these topics in journals such as Armed Forces & Society and International Peacekeeping. He is currently working on a book version of the thesis.