1 year ago

3 May, 2017

E6B 2.300 Multipurpose Room

Organised by:
Physics and Astronomy Society

Planets are common around stars and many will be sucked into their mother stars when the stars age and expand. These collisions will often destroy the planet, but stellar astronomers are more interested in the fate of the stars! Star-swallowing planets can be polluted, they can be spun up and display all kinds of additional observable characteristics. In the extreme, a puny planet could possibly even induce the star to tear itself apart. We carried out simulations of these engulfments to determine the detectable signature of these interactions.

Orsola de Marco* is a really fun and energetic speaker who will be talking to MUPAS members about all of these things and more, so come along and learn some wickedly cool stuff about death stars! As usual, food and drink will be provided to all MUPAS members as well.

* Orsola is a Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Macquarie University. She is also a member of the Astronomical Society of Australia, the American Astronomical Society, and the International Astronomical Union Committee on Planetary Nebulae.