1 year ago

9 March, 2017

Enactus Macquarie

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How would YOU like to save the world and retire rich doing it, all without lifting a finger?

Where’s the catch? That sounds too good, right? Well, Enactus Macquarie is holding an on-campus event with the collaboration of several key Superannuation Funds that are here to educate and inform young people, like you, on how YOU can genuinely achieve such a task.

Do you know what a Super Fund is? Do you even know who your Super is? Do you even HAVE a Super?!

By attending our on-campus event you WILL learn:
• What a Superannuation Fund really is.
• How you can save the world by supporting ethically investing Super Funds.
• What ethical investing is,
• And, how EASY it really is to start all this and begin making yourself rich when you retire.

Register now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScbMAraVuK7WVNOacq3s_JUK6iQU61VVZuFD-mVKvUTAVpqDw/viewform