1 year ago

23 February, 2017

Macquarie University Disney Appreciation Society - MacDiz

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Macquarie University Disney Appreciation Society (MacDiz)

The hunt is on!
Join your fellow Disney fanatics for our o-week scavenger hunt around campus, solving both character and campus clues to help first years feel slightly less lost. Not a first year? Compete to bring honor to you, your cow and your whole family!!!
The game; solve the clues to find pictures of your favourite characters hidden around campus, snap a selfie of your team at the site and pursue glory!

All participants are then welcome to join us for free pizza, and we'll be announcing prizes very soon!

The Down Low

Teams; between 2 and 6 people for your squad. If you don't have a preplanned team, fear not! Come on down and we'll match you with a Disney fan after your own heart.*
1. No property damage. Like, be cool.
2. Avoid brawling. I'm all for a friendly joust amongst friends, but no one wants to have a relationship like Gaston and Le Foue
3. Take care to mind people not involved in the hunt! E.g. if your sprinting to beat a team to a bonus-point-giving clue, don't barrel into people.
4. I guess you should also avoid hurting people in the hunt. Playful sledging is fine, but it's all fun and games til someone gets hurt.

So, grab your guys and girls and come let your Disney loving flag fly!
Speaking of, bonus points to teams repping their Disney love on their person!!

*Not intended to be matchmaking. But, you know, true love is true love.