2 years ago

29 September, 2015

ASES Macquarie

Organised by:
ASES (Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society)

I hope you are all refreshed from your holiday break and keen to use your skills as entrepreneurs, business people or humble observers to help an upcoming society open their new store on campus.

Locavores MQ is a society that aims to promote good eating through local diet i and supports local farmers.
Their new store opens 13th ,14th ,15th.

We need your help to build their brand. the key focus on the hack will be on providing solutions for the following :

- how to engage the MQ student body.

- increase awareness about the importance and advantages of eating local food/ eating sustainably

- dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding healthy eating and creating a real organic following towards this newly established store.

Pizza is as usual, looking forward to seeing you there.

in the mean time check out their facebook page