2 years ago

6 October, 2015

ASES Macquarie

Organised by:
ASES (Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society)

“If Bill Gates wasn’t a Businessman”

Now is a critical moment in time.

You can order a cup of coffee from your favourite coffee shop down the road before you even leave the house, browse the web for competative prices and buy clothes online without ever having to try them on ( or leave your house.. or bed.. )

It is clear that companies that do not adapt are slowly being forgotten.

Thus, in order to remain relevant, it is important for businesses to adapt to new technology.

On the other hand, such advancements are provide great avenues for new business models, and as such, a greater need for entrepreneurs.

This hack is designed to use the strength of the entrepenural mindset with the respected skills of computer science to help come up with new ideas as well as facilitating the chance for students to learn more about one another.

Food included as per usual.

hope to see you there