1 year ago

25 February, 2017

Keith Thompson Hockey Centre

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Hockey Club

Welcome to the 2017 Season with Macquarie University Hockey Club. To start 2017 off with a bang we're kicking off the year with the City vs Country Challenge and Registration Day. This is a great day for prospective, returning and new players to get out and doing what we love in the pursuit for the coveted Spewy Cup. - Please note location is to be annouced.

The day also doubles as our Registration day where you can:
• Receive important information on fees and registration
• Sign up to mailing lists to stay up to date with the latest Magut news and events.

If you called Sydney your first home in NSW you will be eligible to play for City. If you are from any rural area outside of Sydney in NSW you will be eligible to play for Country.

If you are interested in playing please accept the event invitation and comment if you are playing for city or country and you will be placed in a team. At this stage there will be the main City v Country game played and then a round robin style event for all others interested in getting involved, teams to be announced the week before.

If you like to just enjoy a beverage and a BBQ while watching quality hockey then just show up to get involved. We also require umpires so please nomionate yourself or a friend!

We will also have some yummy baked goods for sale! If you'd like to bake something for us - please let us know!!

(Contact Jimmy Birkefeld if you want to play and your name doesn't appear here!)

Game 1: 1.15-1.40pm City A vs City B (Umpires Simon & Patty)
Game 2: 1.45 - 2.10pm City A vs Country A (Umpires Patty & Malachi)
Game 3: 2.15 - 2.40pm City B vs Country A (Umpires Patty and Malachi)

MAIN EVENT: 3PM City Vs Country full game (Umpires Malachi and Simon)

CITY: Andy, Dixon, Lassie, Paul, Todd, Jazz, Raz, Mal, Jack, Kev, Radar, Eddy, Jules, Xanthe

CITY A: Callum, Arv, Harrison, Ellie S, Millie, JessB, BK, Amanda, Nats, Piggy, Nugget, Silver

City B: Kieran, Tana, Princess, Ellie E, Rosie, Zoe, AH, Tash, Suze (GK), Surly, Spencer

COUNTRY: Slade/Evans, Logan, C.Jacka, Figgy, Ange, The Animal, Lamey, Shakes, Blake, Steff, Sebastian, Caitlyn, Dazzle, Kath

COUNTRY A: Joe(GK), Slade, Evans, Oswaise, PK, JackL, Meels, Marcus, Simon, Erika, Jessup, AD, Klimmy, Roy, Reece, Jess