2 years ago

11 April, 2016

E5A 120 Tute Rm (Macquarie University)

Organised by:
ASES (Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society)

Decisions made at the early stages count a lot in the eventual success of the start-up. In this workshop, we will explore how entrepreneurs should explore their start-up opportunities - where should they look, what resources to use, how to filter ideas. We will then introduce a few useful tools to help you quickly create product prototypes and gather valuable feedback for your idea. Start it right from the start because the nascent stage of a start-up is most vulnerable to failure, but also holds the most potential to sow the seeds of success!

For more info + to register: http://www.asesmq.com.au/workshop/
*Please note that registrations are a must, to join the event.