2 years ago

14 March, 2016

Greenroom (behind the stage in the Atrium)

Organised by:
Symphony Orchestra

Hey you musical bunch :)

It's time to come out of Haydn from the summer break - we're Bach for Semester 1!

Rehearsals will be weekly on Mondays 5-7pm, starting on Monday 14th March

Membership fees are $20, so make sure you put "bring money" on your to - do Lizt.

We don't do auditions (because they're scary!!) - instead, please come along to our first rehearsal to check out what kind of level we're playing and see if you can Handel it :)

If you're planning on joining MUSO this semester, please click "Attending" and post which instrument you play on the event wall here - so we have an idea of numbers and instruments for our repertoire :)

***If you can't find the green room or you need help storing your instruments, post on the event page here or contact Freya (president) on 0449787808 ***