2 years ago

9 October, 2016

E6A 121

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Malaysian Students Association (MSA)

Finally, the time has arrive for the 2015/16 committee to retire and hand over the positions to new leaders at our AGM. Being part of the MSA committee is an opportunity not only to showcase your leadership skills but to build on and develop lifelong friendships within our MSA family.

On behalf of the current MSA committee we would like to thank you all for your support over the past year and we look forward to an exciting new committee ready to guide our society onto a new term!

Date: 9th October 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 11am – 2pm
Venue: E6A 131
Attire: Smart casual

If you are interested in running for a position, please fill in an Online Application Form (DEADLINE: 8th October 11.59pm):


*Floor nominations will still be open during the AGM

- If you intend to run for an executive position (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary), prepare a 4-6 minute speech about yourself.

- If you intend to run for a non-executive position, prepare a 3-5 minute speech about yourself.

Positions available and their respective roles are as below:

1. President
The President of this Society is responsible in leading the organization and making sure that it functions well. He/ she chairs or attends all internal (MSA) and external (MASA-UTS, MSO-UNSW, SUAMS-Uni Syd) meetings or events. Aside his/her compulsory duties in running the Society, he/she takes charge in motivating and encouraging participation of committee members. The president is encouraged to run for a position at MASCA (state) level.

2. Vice President
The duty of the Vice President to this Society is to mainly assist the President in every way including administering the organization in case of the absence of the President, helps chair or attend all internal and external meetings and events with or without the President. His/ her duty also entails supervising the committee members and chairs. He/ she are also encouraged to run for positions in MASCA NSW.

3. Secretary
As secretary, he/she must prepare meeting minutes and attend all meetings and events, and represent Vice President in case of the absence of the Vice President.

4. Treasurer
The Treasure job mainly requires he/she to prepare and look after the finances of the organization. This includes searching for and dealing with sponsorship from various parties. The Treasurer must also attend all meetings and events, and represent Vice President/Secretary in the absence of the Vice President and/or Secretary.

5. Social Director
Dance Parties (the Society main revenue) and other social events are under the responsibilities of the two Social Directors. The events may also be collaboration with other society which will require the Social Directors to communicate with social directors from other respective societies (MASA, MSO, and SUAMS). Generally, the Directors must attend all meetings and events. Dance Parties are traditionally held once every semester (total twice in a year) and it is the main income generator for all four organizations.

6. Sports Director
In the first semester in the University calendar, the Sports Director organize the annual Sports Carnival, also prepares members of the Society if any of them should represent state at National Games and Conference (NCG) or other sporting events. Generally, the directors are required to attend all meetings and events.

7. Cultural Director
The appointed Cultural Directors plan, prepare and cook for MSA events, become team leader for cultural performance for Malaysia Fest and attend all meetings and events. This position requires you to have both culinary and performing skills (basics, if not experts). Over the years, MSA has been the main contributor in regards of performances for the annual Malaysia Fest.

8. IT Director
IT Director manages members’ mailing list, Facebook page and official website, and attends all meetings and events. IT director is also responsible in collecting photos for the purpose of reference and promotion of the Society.

9. Public Relations Director
PR Director is responsible to affiliate with other Macquarie University clubs and all other third-party organisations. Also, he/she is in charge of checking and managing the MSA email account by forwarding the emails to the other committees involved. This position also requires dealing with sponsorship in the case that the treasurer needs help with it.


Good luck to those who are running! If you are not running, come along and have your say in helping to shape the future of MSA.

MSA Family