1 year ago

2 November, 2016

Central Courtyard, Macquarie University

Organised by:
Greek Association (MUGA)

Έλα our MUGA friends!

Stressed? Are exams getting you down? Feel like you need a bit of Greek in your life?

Well MUGA has you covered with FREE GYROS for members ($5 for non-members). What better stress relief is there than feasting on the delcious but delicate combination of chicken, onion, tomato, TZATZIKI homemade (and made with love #promise) AND NEW ADDITION CHIPS (for the authenticity).

We guarantee that you will forget your exams for a few minutes whilst your mind takes you on a culinary expedition.*

Whilst you're around, feel free to dance and talk to our committee who will be happy to dance/talk back!

*Guarantee not guaranteed, but we'll get pretty damn close