2 years ago

19 March, 2016

Palace Norton Street Cinema

Organised by:
French Sociey

Salut MFS! You're on the event page for the film night: 'Blind Date'.

We're heading back to the annual Alliance Française French Film Festival! It was such a big hit last year... that this year, we'll be going TWICE so you can either come to both or choose whichever night may fit you better.

Our FIRST movie of the festival is an award-winning, heart warming rom-com called 'BLIND DATE'. Check out (http://www.affrenchfilmfestival.org/film/blind-date) for the trailer.

We will be subsidising tickets for our members, so instead of paying $18, you will only pay $9!! Please don't go on the website and buy the ticket yourself.. we'll be purchasing them IN ADVANCE so just bring the money with you on the night!

Please let us know no later than Thursday March 10 and ONLY CLICK ATTENDING IF YOU'RE DEFINITELY COMING as we need to book the correct number of tickets.

We'll be putting up meeting times/ transportation details up soon for you guys!

P.S If you can't make it to this event, head over to our other event page to watch 'UN + UNE' on Tuesday 22nd March.