2 years ago

2 June, 2016

French Touch Bistro

Organised by:
French Sociey

Bonsoir tout le monde,

Its been a tough semester (like always).. how about you let off some steam and join us for end of semester dinner + drinks at 'French Touch Bistro' !! Embrace your inner 'French' and come wine + dine with us :) An ordinary dinner reservation costs avg $40 but we've brought it down to $15!! Absolute bargain. So, bring along a friend or two with you :D

We haven't quite decided on the time because we want to suit the times of the majority ! So, we've put in place a poll with 3 dates. Check your diaries and please vote by next WEDNESDAY 25th May so that we can get bookings in order.

Note: you'll have to pay for your place prior to attending (but we'll put more info about that once we've decided on a date) :)