2 years ago

29 March, 2016

Central Courtyard, Macquarie University

Organised by:
Animal Liberation

Animal circuses are banned in countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Cyprus, Colombia and the UK. They have also been banned in the ACT for 21 years, and several councils across Australia have banned them locally. The reason for this is clear: circus life can never be suitable for animals.

Circuses deny animals their natural behaviours such as freedom to roam, form complex social groups, and manage their surroundings. Animals are transported constantly in the circus, and housed in unsuitable enclosures. The lack of stimulation leads the animals to exhibit repetitive behaviours such as pacing and swaying, which indicates stress, anxiousness and lethargy. Circus performance for an animal is unnatural, degrading and uneducative.

Join Animal Liberation @ Macquarie University in highlighting the issues surrounding animal circuses in Australia, with our info stall in the Central Courtyard. We will have flyers, footage of animal behaviour in captivity, petitions, and if you're keen - lion and monkey onesies!

Find us in the Central Courtyard this Tuesday 29th March from 11am-2pm!