1 year ago

9 November, 2016

E6B 2.300 Multipurpose room

Organised by:
Physics and Astronomy Society

Hi guys!

The time has come for the Physics and Astronomy Society's Annual General Meeting, to be held at 4pm on Wednesday the 9th of November, in the E6B Multipurpose Room. Just to get the exciting stuff out there upfront - there will be pizza! As well as refreshments and snacks.

At this event, two important things happen:
1. We talk about our events over the past year and how the society has been going. A huge part of this is getting feedback from our members so that the society can be tailored to suit the desires of our members.

2. Very importantly, the annual elections for the executive committee of the society. All roles will be up for grabs, and in the order in which nominations will open they are:

- President: The person who directs the society, and makes sure that everything stays on track. It is their responsibility to manage their executive, and give vision to the society.

- Vice President: Very similar to the president, and they are expected to take over the responsibilities of the president in the event that the president cannot.

- Treasurer: The treasurer handles the financial side of the society. It is their responsibility to monitor the society's bank account, handle financial transactions and to apply for funding from the university. The university offers a lot of support with this role in particular, and so no experience with money is required.

- Administrator: The admin's primary role is to manage the society e-mail account, ensuring that all e-mails received are responded to and all outgoing mail sent. As part of this, they must manage the membership list and records.

- Public Relations: This role is all about advertising. The PR officer handles the society's social media presence, advertises for society events, and makes sure that the society has the prettiest stall during O-Week.

- Community/Staff Liaison: The staff liaison is the interface between the society and the physics department. It's their job to talk to the various academic staff at MQ about our events and if/how they can get involved. All of our most successful events have been held with the support of the physics department, and they are very keen to help out.

- General Officer: The primary responsibility of the general officer is to take over the role of any other executive member (excluding the president) in the event that it becomes necessary. They also take on any other tasks that don't lie in the domain of another role.

With an effective executive committee, the society takes very little work to run. Perhaps an hour of time a week (per role).

For the society to continue existing in 2016, at the very least the roles of President, Vice President and Treasurer must be filled.

Any and all members are welcome to run for any role of their choosing. You are welcome to nominate yourself or another person (who may decline) at the AGM itself, or through e-mail (physics.society@mq.edu.au).

If nominated, you will be asked to give a brief statement about why you think you are suited to that role. Once nominations have been closed and we've heard from all nominees, we will collect votes from members. The result of each vote will be announced immediately after counting, unless a recount is requested.

There will be a brief transitionary period where the old executive will help the new executive acclimate to their new roles.

We hope to see you all there, and we look forward to electing a new executive committee!