2 years ago

14 March, 2016

Campus Hub Level 3

Organised by:
Actuarial Student's Society (ASSOC)

It’s not long till the annual ASSOC Careers Forum comes around; a gift-wrapped opportunity for all of you to decide your next step!

Whether you’re a first-year recruit, or a seasoned fourth year, there’s a lot to gain from this event. For those anxious over their life after university, take a step back and listen to what sort of pathways other graduates have taken and where the future leads. A career is more than a 9-5 day at your desk; find out from industry professionals what challenges their work offers them, the people they work with, the types of social activities offered by organisations and their overall work life.

It’s a chance to pull up your socks and ask those key questions which help decide which role or employer is best tailored for you! It’s time to learn about the programs offered to students, and how best to prepare yourself for the future.

We’ll be welcoming industry-leading sponsors: AMP, Willis Towers Watson, EY, Actuaries Institute, Scor Re, TAL and KPMG. Step up and reach your potential!

Date: 14th March 2016
When: 4 PM
Where: Whiteley and Zofrea Rooms, Campus Hub Level 3
Dress Code: Full Business Attire

For more information, please contact Mohammad at mohammad.huda@mqassoc.com or through a Facebook message.