2 years ago

1 July, 2016


Organised by:
Law Students Association

The Castan Centre is a world-renowned academic, human-rights based centre which fights to create a fairer and more just world whereby human rights are respected and protected, giving individuals the right to live in freedom and with dignity.

The Centre is named in commemoration of the late Ron Castan AM QC, a passionate advocate of human rights.

The Castan Centre Human Rights Moot Competition is held annually and run by Monash University to provide students the opportunity to not only further their legal advocacy skills but also to broaden their knowledge of Human Rights Law and its importance.

Each team will be required to appeal and respond to various human rights issues that are regulated under the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act.

If you have a strong passion for social justice, human rights and mooting, and would like to participate in the competition, please email Sakire at competitions@latrobelsa.com to express your interest.

Please email Sakire by 1 July.


Two teams of three members each team.

Registrations close on 1 JULY


Competitors must be in the equivalent of at least third year of a combined law degree or any year of a JD degree, but must not have completed their degree. It is preferable that competitors have completed some studies in human rights law.


8 August - Problem Released

29th August - General Rounds: 12:30PM & 5:30PM

30th August - Quarter & Semi Finals: 12:30PM & 5:30PM respectively

31st August - Grand Final: 5:30 PM