3 years ago

5 July, 2015

Adelaide, SA

Organised by:
Squash Club

If you know what’s good for you then make the sagacious decision to set aside July 5-9 for the 2015 Southern University Games at Adelaide, SA. If you know what’s even better for you sign up to represent La Trobe in Squash!

Team Tryouts will be announced soon and there are a lot of spots to fill so everyone is a chance, that’s right, even you.

So make like a quality Piano and stay tuned for all the information regarding the fierce competition to come.
Team Manager is Diego, message him for more details.

A wise man once said, “If you miss this, you will regret it more than Diego regrets giving up carbs, because if he goes back to his original diet his body will be sensitive to insulin and he will pack on the kgs, lol”