2 years ago

12 October, 2015

H2 Theatre Menzies Building (11)

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students' Association

Hi guys!

Just a shout out to all our VSA homies out there
Another year has passed and we have to declare
That our term is now over and we must elect
a new committee to lead and direct

On October the 12th from five to nine
Our AGM will be held with an abundance of wine
The wine was a joke but there is food for free
So please come along but please be early

You will need to be signed in by five fifteen
to be eligible to vote for the committee of 2016
We will recap our achievements over the past year
Then we will have speeches and voting followed by beer

The beer was a joke but a movie night is held after
With heaps of free food provided and plenty of laughter
So bring all your friends to Menzies H2
And we look forward to sharing the night with you

Positions voted on at AGM:
Vice President
HR director
Please arrive by 5.15pm sharp to be eligible to vote/run thanks guys!

<3 VSA Monash