2 years ago

6 April, 2016

SS232 - New Moot Court

Organised by:
Law Students Association

Law School 101 Workshop Series

It's never too early to learn new skills or even refine the skills that you have!

The Law School 101 Workshop Series sessions are run throughout the semester in conjunction with the Law School and are aimed at providing students with the necessary skills required to succeed in their degree!

Sessions are run in Semester 1 and then repeated in Semester 2.

All sessions are held during 12 – 1pm at our Melbourne Campus in the New Moot Court.

If you have questions, please contact: education@latrobelsa.com

The series includes:

10th March – How To Read A Case

15th March – How To Write A Case Summary

17th March – Problem Solving (IRAC)

5th April – How To Write A Research Essay

6th April - Problem Solving (IRAC) **Repeat**

12th May – Understanding Assignment Feedback

19th May – Tools For Exam Success