2 years ago

13 October, 2016

HS2 317

Organised by:
Student Orthoptics Society (SOS)

Calling all Second Year Orthoptics students!
Before you feel your life slipping away as the course has turned up the heat, come along to a one hour Q&A sesh hosted by a handful of current Third Years.

What better way to prepare yourself for a semester of endless tests, followed by a semester of endless prac exams, than those who have been there, done that, and come out smiling... Maybe we'll just use the word "survived".

It's not all bad! You learn a lot in both theory and practice! You've just got to balance yourself and that's where we come in to offer advice on how to do that.

Bring your lunch, bring your friends and ask any questions about study, books, prac exam protocol, life outside uni etc.

When: Thursday 13/10, 2-3pm
Where: HS2 317

Looking forward to meeting you all there!!