1 year ago

8 March, 2017

Lentil As Anything

Organised by:
A Look Into African Society (ALIAS)

Hey there!

WHO ELSE loves good food!? What about meals for just $10!!

YES! Lentils as anything is just that! A cheap restaurant that offers quality vegetarian and vegan dishes for the amount of money YOU think the dish and experience is worth!

So grab $10 - $15 along with your friends and join us on this tasty adventure :)

If you're travelling by PT! Feel free to meet us all at the front of the Library so we can head over to the tram stop together (5PM SHARP)! If you're finding your own way see you there :D!

Check out their website here to find out more!


Can't wait to dig into some amazing dishes with you all!

Catchya next week! :D