1 year ago

15 March, 2017

The Studio - level 3, Union Building. La Trobe University, Bundoora

Organised by:
Student Theatre and Film

Written by Evan Placey
Directed by Alyssa Trombino and Ella Lubowitz

Performed by
Gavriel Garrison / Maddy Cook / Lilian Li
Carl Michelangeli / Simon Nixon / Caitlyn Rhodes

Voiceover by Patrick Shaw
Tech by Gavin Beggs

In May 2013, Dean comes out as transgender and almost everyone he knows feels somehow emotionally hurt by this. Pronoun looks into the lives of the teenagers and parents that surround Dean during his early stages of physical transition, as well as Dean himself. We follow the emotional journey that Dean has to take in order to be accepted by those around him, especially by his on again off again boyfriend, Josh.

Pronoun presents significant questions about the acceptance of transgender people in the wider community where “gender” is something that is thought of as a significantly linear concept.

Performed as part of La Trobe Student Theatre and Film's 2017 Moat Festival.

8PM March 15 & 16
6PM March 17
2PM March 18
6PM March 19
The Studio - Level 3, Union Building. La Trobe University, Bundoora

TICKETS: $15 Full / $8 Concession / $5 Student Union
BOOKINGS: (03) 9479 1198