2 years ago

4 October, 2016

La Trobe University Islamic Society

Organised by:
Islamic Society

What avenues can Muslims take in order to educate the masses about the true representation of Islam in contrast to the negative portrayal?

How can we better utilise our resources to not only help ourselves in Australia but also those impoverished as a result of war?

Should our Islamic spirituality restrict us from being engaged socially and politically?

Come join us for an insightful discussion that answers these questions and more.


Title: "The Muslim Voice: The political engagement of Australian Muslims"
Panelists: Dr. Yasir Morsi, Mohammed Tabbaa, Sr. Zuleyha Keskin
Date: Tuesday, 4th October
Time: 6-8 pm
Venue: WLT 2
*Refreshments will be provided

The aim of the discussion is to broaden the scope of what we, as Muslims, can and should endeavour to achieve politically and socially.

The points we wish to address in the discussion are correlated around three main themes, which are:

1. Muslim awareness of Australian politics and how we should engage with the broader community in becoming more politically active.

2. Muslim identity in contemporary society. The urge to conform in the midst of hate and Islamophobia.

3. The importance of collaboration between Muslims and non-Muslims, establishing a social cohesion with those who are like-minded in their stance towards issues like foreign policy and refugees.