2 years ago

1 September, 2016

La Trobe University Journalism, Media, Arts and Communication Society

Organised by:
Journalism Media Arts and Communications Society (JMACS)

Calling all Journalism, media, commincation buffs! We are hot on the goss for you!

Are you a current or recently graduated newsmaker, storyteller, Hunter S Thompson type? Are you into taking photos, making films or writing reviews? Fancy yourself as a budding art critique or just saw a film you thought you could write about?

YAJA is looking for your work!

YAJA is the annual Young Journalist Art Awards - if you're a winner (and we feel like you will be) you'll get a bunch of exposure and full bragging rights.

All you need to do is submit a completed arts related piece of journalism by September - thorugh this link - http://www.artnewsportal.com/YAJA/about

Entries are published immediately!

If you need any help with ideas or are unsure about the process, do not hesitate to post your queies, thoughts, feelings or reviews of recent tinder dates below. If you're feeling a little shy on that front - message our President Cait Kelly and she will pormptly respond to your questions.

The YAJA Team can also arrange for mentoring and networking opportunities with industry peers. Make your enquiry at http://www.artnewsportal.com/YAJA/enquiry.

And: There is a YAJA Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/YAJATALK/ - where you can share your thoughts with other students who want to participate.

Now get writing you packo' winners!