2 years ago

25 February, 2016

Simpson Lawn ☀☀

Organised by:
Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS)

Come see AUJS La Trobe at Clubs and Societies day for O-week!!

What is AUJS?
In short, we are The Australasian Union of Jewish Students providing your one stop shop for embracing Judaism, Activism, & Zionism

Come along and get some free food, a goody bag with all the essentials for university, including a pen!

What you'll get as a member of AUJS La Trobe:
- Invites to all our on campus events
-New and Exciting Jewish and non jewish friends !!
- Invites to all the AUJS's national and regional events including PARTIES (Puzzaaa!) and the amazing Aujs Ball!
-Events that suit your fancy! including political events, such as the Political Training seminar (PTS), or religious events, such as sedar dinners, or education, inter-faith and many many more social events.

Come Along and get involved!