2 years ago

30 September, 2016

Social Sciences Room 126 La Trobe University

Organised by:
Dumbledore's Army

The time of the year is here once again for our AGM!
Date: Friday October 30
Time: 2.00pm
Location: TBC
This will be to close out the fabulous year we've had and get ready for a fresh start in 2017 by voting in our new committee.
We encourage all DA Member to attend so that our club can conitnue with the best representatives in charge.

With 3 of our 6 current committee members graduating out we are currently on the hunt for some passionate DA Members to join us! (otherwise our club will be dissolved :O )
Being on the committee is a lot of fun; the time requirements are usually only about 2 hours a month, it looks great on a resume and you get to go behind the scenes to help make all our HP events bigger and better - with roles starting from minor general member roles, all the way up to Vice President and President!
If you'd like to apply, please inbox the page and let us know.