2 years ago

11 July, 2016

Upper Plenty Conference Centre

Organised by:
Christian Union

Base camp was amazing, getting to know everyone and spending time talking about our growth in Christ. Now that base camp has been conquered, here is summit!!

Every religion and ideology has a visual symbol. Buddhism is associated with the lotus flowe. Islam is sybolized with a crescent. Marxism is portrayed by the hammer and sickel.

Christianity has the CROSS, but what does it symbolize??
Why is the cross central to the Christian message and the way Christians live?
THIS is what summit is all about.
It's about the cross. Why did Jesus have to suffer on the cross? How can the cross take away my guilt and shame, or make me right with God? Where can I find the power to change? How does the cross help me to become more like Jesus.

We are giving you as much time as possible to save the date, resister and pay the "early bird" rate!!

Before 27th May= $250
After 27th May= $260

Again, if there are any issues with payments, or if a subsidy, or part-time rate is needed, please talk to Mari, our amazing treasurer.