2 years ago

17 October, 2016


Organised by:
Christian Union

Our final Monday night FUEL will be next week (17th), and we have some special things planned just for you!

We openly extend an invitation, especially to those who are yet to join us, or haven't been around in a while, and of course our lovely regulars!

DINNER 5pm-6pm
FREE BBQ! yes, that's right, what Uni student can pass up FREE food?
This will most likely be held on the Simpson Lawn.

TALK 6pm-6:45pm

Learning through the Psalms has been something that members this year have really related to and benefited from. So to finish off the year, Pete will be giving his final talk from a Psalm.

ACTIVITIES: 6:45-onwards!

We have an exciting range of activities on campus lined up for us.
They will require no skill or smarts, just a warm set of clothes and maybe some comfy shoes to run around in. There may be a trip to the Pancake Palour for dessert at the end.

What a great opportunity to invite your friends and join us for a night of fellowship and fun!