1 year ago

20 June, 2016

JCU Clinical School TTH - Room TTH 102 and VC to CAIRNS VC ROOM

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JCU Medical Students

Do you want some extra tips on doing well in the OSCES at the end of the year? Well, Dr. Zeshan Qureshi can teach us all a thing or two!

JCUMSA presents Dr Zeshan Qureshi - BM BSc (Hons) MSc MRCPCH, Academic Clinical Fellow, University College London, London – Institute for Global Health .....travelled all the way from Edinburgh!

Dr. Zeshan Qureshi, publisher of ‘The Unofficial Guide to Medicine’ textbook series, is coming to speak about tips for doing well in the OSCEs (with tips from his textbook ‘Guide to Passing the OSCES’), as well as information about getting involved in research later on! He is giving away free textbooks, so make sure you get there!

He is also looking for writers for his upcoming book on 'Acute Medicine' in the coming months, so find out how to get published in one of these amazing books!

What is the 'Unofficial Guide to Medicine' book series?
The 'Unofficial Guide to Medicine' is a publishing model in which students and junior doctors develop textbooks for the education of their peers.

This is a really great opportunity - can't wait to see all of you 4th and 5th years there! pre-clinicals and 6th years also welcome!!