1 year ago

5 September, 2016

James Cook University

Organised by:
JCU Medical Students

Welcome to the JCUMSA campaign for the AMSA Vampire Cup. The Vampire Cup is a fierce competition between all Australasian med schools to see who can give the most blood donations between NOW and SEPTEMBER 19. More information can be found here:


(The event says that it's from the 5th of September until the 19th, but this is just because Facebook doesn't allow events to be longer than 2 weeks smh.)

In 2009, JCU made history and won the second ever Vampire Cup. However, our efforts since then have been woeful due to a lack of organisation and effort. This year, we’re going the full hoss, and our goal is to achieve more than double last year’s performance with 500 total donations. Superficially, it is steep, but we only need just under half of each cohort to donate ONCE to SMASH this goal.

Signing up to donate is very easy. To avoid stress, hassle and gunning time wastage, I’ve taken the initiative and arranged for the blood bank to contact you. They will email or call you about setting up an appointment and registering to be recorded for JCUMSA’s tally.
If you’re a preclinical student and recorded your contact information after my spiel, you will be contacted by the blood bank shortly. If you are a clinical student or you missed what I was saying/ thought I was a gimp, you can record your details in the link below.


In the event of a JCUMSA victory, eternal glory is yours. However, regardless of the result, you will earn many restful sleeps, comfortable in the knowledge that your altruism and sacrifice saved lives. Also you get biscuits.

Satisfaction, self-actualisation and sweets not enough? AMSA has you covered, fam. This year, they’re running a selfie competition concurrently with the Vampire Cup. Upload a selfie while donating with #IbleedJCU and #AMSAVampireCup to Instagram, and at the end of the competition, we will decide on the eight winners to each receive FREE 1 month KenHub Anatomy subscriptions. This is perfect for all first years studying MSS and third years who had it crammed into one week of ED, so get around it if you want those easy HD’s! More information about EASY HD's can be obtained by sliding into Jackson Cowan's Dm's.

There are several things that will earn you negative points in this selfie competition. These include:
- Use of the dog/ bronzing filter
- Including #medlyfe in the caption
- Pre-2016 memes

2016 has been an extremely ambitious for JCU, and we’ve earnt stellar success as a result. Let’s maintain our momentum, rip in for each other, and show the nation how good we are.

I bleed JCU.


If you have a question, post on the event page so others can see. Answers will be posted here.

1) Does donating more than once count for more points for JCUMSA?
Yep. I recommend giving plasma so you can donate the maximal amount of times in the allotted period. Interestingly, Fraser McBean (known among some circles as the “Scooter from Betoota” and "Frodo McMeme") assures me that the need for whole blood decreases by 5% each year due to improved surgical technique and equipment, but the need for plasma is actually increasing.

2) When are med league tryouts?
The week starting 8 August most likely. Stay tuned to get tuned.

3) Why is JCUMSA not capitalised in the title?
Facebook limits capitals in titles for some reason.

4) I'm a weapon, and I already give blood frequently. How do I register so it's counted for JCUMSA?

https://www.donateblood.com.au/red25/join-group Follow this link and, using your donor number, register for JCUMSA. Alternatively, do this whilst you're giving blood.