2 years ago

26 May, 2016

Outside the JCU Student Centre | Building A1

Organised by:
JCU Sustainability Advocacy Club

This is a public event.
Everybody from the wider community is encouraged to come and add their voice to an issue that affects us all.
Universities are at the forefront of science and typically the first to know about issues like global warming. So we think James Cook University should be setting an example by leading the way and investing in a sustainable future.

The JCU Sustainability Club is preparing a public demonstration to inspire the Uni to remove its investments from Fossil Fuel industries and invest in something with a focus on the future.

Gather outside the Student Centre (Building A1) and make our way to MacGreggor Rd to catch everyone as they arrive on campus.

Let’s make sure they hear us loud and clear! If you care about our future, and want to be part of an environmentally responsible, forward thinking university, come along and add your voice!