2 years ago

26 May, 2016

Outside the library, JCU Cairns

Organised by:
JCU Sustainability Advocacy Club

The federal election is fast approaching and if you're finding yourself a little overwhelmed by the whole thing, don't stress!
"Primary votes", "prefernces" and all the rest of that jargon can get pretty confusing, so we've put together a little game so that everyone can learn exactly where your vote goes once you've left the ballot box.
Everyone's welcome, students or otherwise :)

Our 4 candidates: Stitch, Ms. Giraffington, the Easter Bunny and a Unicorn, are all running campaigns to be elected as the Prime Minister of Fantasyland.
Rock up outisde the library at 2pm on Thursday to hear their policy speeches and place your votes.
Then Dr. Henry Boer will tally up the votes and explain how the winner is selected, based on the primaries, preferences, and whatnot. Hopefully we'll all learn something, because I'm not even sure how to write this stuff! :-/