1 year ago

11 October, 2016

JCU Sustainability Club Events

Organised by:
JCU Sustainability Advocacy Club

The JCU Sustainability Club Members are preparing a public demonstration to inspire James Cook University to remove its investments from fossil fuel industries and invest in something with more of a focus on the future.

Let’s make sure they hear us loud and clear!

This is a public event, all climate conscious people are invited to attend. It'll help convince the Uni if they see that there is public support for our cause.
If you're concerned about the future of our planet, please come along and add your voice!

We're meeting at 7:50am (to start at 8), at the drop-off point, outside the Student Centre (Building A1), accessible via the McGregor St entrance at JCU.

Presented by 350.org Australia and JCU Sustainability Club Events.

Please also take 30 seconds to add your name to our petition if you haven't already done so:

And if you're a student, alumni, lecturer, or staff member at JCU, please let us know what you know and how you feel about divestment, by filling in this short survey: