1 year ago

19 October, 2016

JCU Sustainability Club Events

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JCU Sustainability Advocacy Club

It's that time of semester when we all become a little bit prone to the motivation-sucking, lifeforce-draining, project-stalling phenomenon known as BURNOUT!

Achieving the right work/life balance is no easy task. Especially when you're also involved in volunteering, projects, activism, events, communities of varying shapes and sizes, and who knows what else.

Overcommitted almost always leads to overwhelmed!
What usually follows, is dropping out. Dropping out of education, of employment, of reponsibilities, of society...

Don't let the burnout get you too.
Join us for a comfortable and relaxed workshop where longtime activist and recent Bachelor of Sustainability graduate Lucy Graham (from TropEco James Cook Uni, among numerous other things) will teach us some tips and techniques for avoiding the stressful and fatiguing effects of getting carried away by stuff.

=| FREE workshop | FREE food, tea, & coffee |=

4pm Wednesday 19th OCT | Room B1.031 (near computer lab)