1 year ago

20 August, 2016

James Cook University

Organised by:
JCU Latin American Students Association LASA

As Latin American Student Association, we are proudly to inform you that we are going to be present at the Townsville’s Cultural Fest and what better way to enjoy this experience than with our friends and JCU community supporting us while we show you a little part of our culture. Come and see us the 20th of August !!!

Band- 2:15 p.m. at the Cabaret stage will be presenting

“Tequila” and “La Bamba”

Hector Barrios Garrido (guitar/singer)
Ayano Fushida (trumpet)
Omar Ramírez (Drums)
Diego Ortiz (guitar)
Carlos A Salgar (Bass)
Mahsa Yn (singer)
Ellie Fitzpatrick (singer)
Ana Luisa Zepeda de Alba (singer)

Dances- dancestage at 3:00p.m.

Colombian dance:
Andrea Caciedo Gonzalez
Carlos A Salgar
Natalia Lotero
Hector Barrios Garrido

Peruvian Dance: Leynard Natividad Marin

Brazilian dance:
Walmiria Costa
Michele Pinto
AND guests