1 year ago

9 August, 2016

Mackay Base Hospital

Organised by:
SANTE Supporting All Nations Towards Equality

Do you have a hole in your soul? A hole the size of a beautifully cooked Sri Lankan curry which is yet to be filled by culinary experience that Mackay provides? Fear not, Pakeeran and Jam are here to provide you with a culinary experience that would rival the works of those petty portions boasted as fine dining on Masterchef. Food is an experience which requires whole hearted generous amounts of food. And this food won’t just fill the food sized hole in your soul, it will warm your soul because you have made your contribution to changing the world. How you ask? This is a SANTE initiative. An intiative raising money for Days for Girls. A charity which aims to provide dignified and sustainablw female sanitary products and feminine hygiene education to underprivelleged women around the world. The money we raise will be going to a Chapter in Mareeba which make the packs and then deliver them overseas. This is the 1st of a number of steps in supporting this charity. The money we donate will go towards buying the material to make the sustainable feminine hygiene pads.
More info: http://www.daysforgirls.org/about-us
TED TALK by the Founder f Days for Girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa_NyPa2qY4&app=desktop

What the Mareeba Chater has achieved:
Started in Jan 2015 andmeet bi -monthly at the Mareeba state high school sewing room. Completed 33 kits in 2015 and this year their target is 100 with 52 kits made so far. This 20 kits were delivered to an orphanage in Nepal and 10 kits to East Timor with another 25 going by the end of August. All kits are made from donated material and seen by volunteers.

We will be selling Chicken Biriyani with Chickpea Curry or Cashew Curry and Cucumber Raita for $12 each infront of the outpatient department