2 years ago

13 May, 2016


Organised by:
JCU Law Students Society

At James Cook University Law Students' Society, We love to give back to our Members! We know that law students study hard and Party EVEN Harder.

Sometimes it’s hard to budget for a night out while paying for text books and other living expenses, that’s why the JCULSS has your back.

Your SOCIETY is donating $2,000.00 to an end of semester event at MAD COW. A small amount will be put on food and the REST will be on the BAR! With a free cider keg and $5 basics, there will be plenty of drinks flowing!

This event is FREE for MEMBERS! If you are not yet a member, you can become one for just $10 on the night! Click the "Tickets Available" link above to RSVP!

Come Be MERRY and get hydrated with your fellow law students!

RSVP - http://tiny.cc/LAWjcu2000