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22 February, 2017

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SANTE Supporting All Nations Towards Equality

SANTÉ (Supporting All Nations Towards Equality) is James Cook University's student-run Global Health Group. Since its establishment in 2006 by a JCU medical student, now intern, Dr Riley Savage, SANTÉ has grown to become a prominent advocate within JCU regarding all matters global health, while working as part of AMSA Global health to bring you a range of charity and social events throughout the year.
Over the last few years, SANTÉ has delivered aid to numerous developing communities through our projects and events. We are also committed to educating Australian students and the general public on issues pertaining to international health, foreign aid, development and global poverty.
SANTÉ owes its success to bringing together a community of like-minded global citizens through highly anticipated events such as the annual Red Party, Run to the Water, Code Green Week and Global Health Seminars. Our dedicated Executive team strives to ensure that there’s something to suit the interest of all our members throughout the year. Together, we can take pride in becoming more aware of the important global health issues affecting the our world, making a difference in the global health landscape, and having a great time in the process!
SANTÉ memberships will be $10, so head over to our stall from 10 am -1 pm in front of JCU Education Central on Wednesday the 22nd of February to grab your membership and say hello to our wonderful team. We look forward to seeing you!